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The more you write, the better you become at it. The more you write, the easier it gets to write again. And again. And again after that. The words start flowing out of you in a way they didn’t before because there was no one waiting for them before; now someone is, and so it begins to feel like maybe this writing thing might be worthwhile after all. One day it even seems like fun, and then finally (almost) as easy as talking, or breathing; just another part of who you are now instead of an unknown quantity on your list of someday-maybe’s; an ever-present choice instead of an uncertain future possibility.


In the style of the onion, comedy writing lampooning news articles about human interest, politics, and more. 

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Pieces of My Career

This is why I write: it’s what I have to say; what everyone has to say, if only they knew how to let the words come out and arrange themselves together into sentences that make sense; because without writing we would never be able to talk about anything important at all; without writing we would never remember anything worth remembering because we wouldn’t be able to tell anyone else about it when we finished doing whatever made us want to remember in the first place.

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