A Man's Basic Guide to Dressing Well

A common mistake men make when dressing is using colour as their only form of expression. A splash of colour here or there can be delightful, but don't pile on the reds, pinks, blues, purples etc. because more often than not it just looks like you couldn't be bothered putting together an outfit that day; instead you threw on a couple of different coloured items looking no further than the first thing your eyes landed on.

In other words: sloppy and/or lazy! Master sartorialists will always say "Less is More", which isn't entirely true but definitely when it comes to mixing colour schemes for this very reason.

Another way people get dressed badly is by wearing clothes which are either too big or too small for them despite having bought within their correct size/fitting guidelines/etc. There are many reasons why someone might do this including: self-loathing; peer pressure; being unaware they actually need a smaller size; thinking that oversized clothing makes one appear larger and therefore somehow more masculine (it doesn't); preferring things loose so they can move around comfortably without fear of popping buttons off shirts or trousers coming undone mid-stride…

Enough about dressing poorly, here are some tips to dress well.

1. Can you wear a suit every day?

The answer is yes, but with the following caveats: your suit must be well-made and fit impeccably; it must be versatile enough for nearly any occasion; and, most importantly, it must look great on you. If all of the above are true for your particular situation – that is to say you're an office worker who needs/wants to wear a full suit five days a week – then feel free to make it your daily uniform. Otherwise, opt for more casual looks at least two days out of the week. This will ensure that when people see you in a suit they can't help but take notice only because they know what they're seeing is exceptional.

2. Be Careful of the Fit

Never buy clothes that don't fit properly off the rack or online unless there's no other option available (for example if something is sold out). A tailor should always be involved in some capacity when buying clothes, particularly things like suits and overcoats where getting the fit right can make or break an outfit. Paying someone else to make things work for you not only saves money in the long run but also gives them incentive to do their best work because otherwise why bother?

It's possible (and we mean very possible) to find a shirt/jumper/trousers combination which fits perfectly everywhere except around your shoulders – this can sometimes happen even with expensive designer pieces! Your torso may be one size while your arms another; one leg longer than another etc. In these circumstances, consider buying separates instead of complete outfits so that each piece in question can be tailored specifically to fit its intended location on your body (see point above).

You'll need multiple versions of everything just as everyone else does – one pair of trousers will never fit exactly as needed from waist-to-ankle length across all six pairs belonging to different individuals!

3. There are three ways of dressing well:

Use as few colours and patterns as possible; dress extremely simply using just neutral colours and basic patterns like solids or stripes; or masterfully mix different colour palettes together so that anyone who sees you would assume this was how everyone dresses all year round without fail meanwhile back at home from Monday through Thursday maybe even Friday too you were still wearing black jeans and white trainers… We recommend choosing either extreme over trying too hard what we call 'sartorialist' style here which always comes across looking slightly contrived unless done by someone who really knows what they're doing (and even then it's still a bit… showy). Stick to two colours max – three if you're in the full business suit for some reason – and use texture and subtle detailing to add interest. You're not going for minimalism here per se but something along those lines.

In Conclusion

You can dress well without spending an absolute fortune. There are plenty of high-quality, stylish pieces available that won't break the bank and will last you a long time if you look after them and keep an eye on sales/clearance racks too. While it's true that sometimes excellent clothing can command a hefty price tag (and rightly so), there is no need to spend extortionate amounts of money where it's not needed as long as you shop smartly and make sure what you get is well made – investing in good quality items in classic styles has never been more essential than it is today for anyone wanting to stay relevant and well-dressed.

Above all, remember that style isn't about sweating the small stuff or trying too hard to be different; it's about dressing appropriately for each occasion while simultaneously expressing your own unique sense of personal style by mixing and matching different pieces together in ways which work for who you are as an individual – this can only be achieved through experimentation, trial & error… and maybe even some failure along the way! But don't worry: with patience, attention to detail, practice and a bit (okay… maybe quite a lot) of luck we're confident you'll have your wardrobe sorted out before long.

Good luck on your sartorial journey gentlemen! P. S., if all else fails take our advice on board until such time when you feel comfortable enough with what works best for your body shape/size etc., then go forth into the wild world of men's fashion armed with confidence knowing that whatever happens nothing could ever truly go wrong because we've got your back(side)! xx

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