Five Super Easy Cocktails

There are many cocktails that come with all sorts of specialist ingredients that you may not have in your store cupboards at home right now. However, there are many simple cocktails that you can make without worrying about compromising on taste or quality.

1) The Negroni

A refreshing drink from Italy that can be made with dry gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. It can be served on the rocks or stirred over ice before being strained into a chilled coupe glass.

2) The Manhattan

Another popular cocktail that uses whisky, vermouth and bitters. It's best served with ice in a large rocks glass before being strained into a cocktail glass over the ice.

3) The Martini

For those who prefer to have their cocktails with a twist, there is the Martini. This cocktail is made with gin and dry vermouth stirred together before it's strained into a chilled glass or shaken in an ice-filled shaker if you're feeling extra fancy.

4) The Cosmopolitan

Another drink that you can enjoy at home without too much of an issue. Made with vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and Cointreau or Triple Sec shaken over ice before being strained into either a martini or wine glass depending on your preference.

5) The Vesper

Although it may not be well known as some of the other cocktails listed here, the Vesper has become synonymous with James Bond thanks to its inclusion in Casino Royale – where Daniel Craig makes this drink his personal favourite despite saying "shaken not stirred" so many times during the film franchise! To make one yourself at home you'll need gin (of course), vodka and Campari which are combined over ice and then topped up with tonic water for that signature fizz effect.

There are many other classic cocktails out there such as daiquiris and mojitos which you could experiment making at home for yourself but these five simple cocktails should be enough to get you started!

You don't need to spend a fortune on the ingredients from specialist suppliers, but there are plenty of great deals on spirits and other cocktail-making essentials out there that you can find by shopping online. You may even be able to get hold of some cocktail glasses for your home – it's worth searching around, as you never know what you might find!

Buy a few bottles of good alcohol, mixers and juices (such as orange juice or cranberry) and it will only take a couple of minutes to make any one of these cocktails at home. Whether you're looking for something to enjoy after work with friends or just want to impress someone with your cocktail-making skills this weekend, try out one or all five of these drinks at home. They're easy enough that anyone can do them so don't be afraid – start mixing today!

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