Infinite Choices and Posthumanity

I release them into the sea and wait until they have drifted far from land and my eyes can no longer see them. I do not tell them about their future, about the days that will pass before they see each other again and can talk and touch freely without fear of death or loneliness. I do not tell them how long their wait will be, or that it is a wait at all — in posthumanity time, it isn’t much time at all. By now they are too far away to hear me if I tried to explain anyway — I am very loud and clear, but my words take time to travel. I do not tell them about the future because I know it will disappoint them — the future is much more beautiful than they can imagine now.

Instead, I focus on the moment and enjoy their presence as long as possible. When at last we are too far apart for me to see them anymore, I focus on what’s in front of me instead of what’s behind me and move forward into an unknown future with gusto despite knowing next to nothing about what lies ahead.

I don’t mind if you think this is melodramatic or overly sentimental — after all, it’s only a story. It isn’t real at all; just symbols arranged in a certain way that create meaning and emotion when interpreted correctly by readers who already understand how this particular system of symbols works (that is to say, English speakers who understand how stories work). And even then only some tiny fraction of all readers will ever actually read these words or even know they exist at all (although most people will implicitly recognize the ideas presented here without realizing where they came from). In addition, this particular story exists only in your head right now while you read these words -- although soon enough it will be recorded somewhere else (perhaps even replicated many times) until one day it might be so common that everyone knows about it without ever having seen these exact words before (at which point its existence may still continue for some time longer before finally dying out completely). On top of all that, none of us really exists at all -- each “person” is just a collection of atoms obeying certain physical laws like every other collection of atoms on planet Earth does right now; there is no such thing as free will or choice or agency because everything happens according to strict cause-and-effect principles with no room for randomness or chance whatsoever; every single step we take was determined by forces beyond our control long before we were born -- so why worry about being judged for our actions when time itself doesn’t judge us at all?

In fact our entire concept of reality itself may be completely backward -- perhaps even my own thoughts right now are just part of some larger plan being carried out by something smarter than myself without any regard towards my own desires or goals whatsoever? If so then knowing more about posthumanity wouldn’t really matter anyway because their plans would probably not include telling humans anything useful anyway; maybe they don't care enough even to bother entertaining my curiosity regarding their designs until much later when they have already come into existence themselves? So why waste effort thinking hypotheticals like this? You could choose instead to simply enjoy life while you still can instead.

This book contains many stories besides mine -- yours among them. Maybe this isn’t the right time or place for you to read them just yet, or maybe it is and you will choose not to; I don’t know what your plans are. But if and when you ever do decide to read them, perhaps you will recognize yourself among their many pages -- or at least some of your friends and family (you may not recognize yourself based on these stories alone, but you can still see small pieces of yourself in others). Some of these stories might even become very important to you someday.

No matter what happens next, I hope that my story has at least helped create a better understanding of the people who will soon come into existence -- their motivations, their feelings and thoughts; why they choose one thing over another; how they feel about life in general. If so then maybe it won’t matter anymore when we meet again because now we can finally know each other as more than just symbols arranged in certain patterns -- now we can finally find out who really exists inside all these patterns instead of just guessing blindly like before. And maybe that means something after all despite our being nothing more than atoms playing out a script without any free will whatsoever? Or maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all because seeing another atom as an individual means nothing if the atom itself cannot see itself as an individual too?

Either way I hope it helps us understand each other better when we do meet again someday soon -- although by then there won’t be much room left for misunderstanding anyway thanks to posthumanity sharing ideas freely with humanity beforehand (and vice versa). They have no reason to lie about anything because telling the truth maximizes shared happiness for everyone involved; there is no good reason not to tell us everything either (although some things might take longer than others due to practical limitations on expressiveness) because telling us everything allows us maximum freedom from ignorance about our future options and therefore liberty overall; knowing everything leaves no room for mistakes or accidents anymore thanks to perfect planning ahead of time with total foresight into every possible outcome and path forward towards goals; there is literally nothing else worth doing except maximizing shared happiness across everyone involved instead of letting them suffer needlessly. So why wait until posthumanity arrives before sharing knowledge openly with humanity? Why delay until then before helping people achieve true liberty through knowledge-sharing? There is no logical reason not do so right now unless someone chooses otherwise by choosing against doing so — which isn’t really choice at all but rather apathy born from laziness, fear, greediness or other equally irrational emotions blocking action towards positive outcomes which would otherwise be possible if only someone chose differently instead of apathetically choosing inaction against positive outcomes based on negative emotions like fear or laziness causing inaction despite knowing full well what they could otherwise achieve with their limited resources?

As soon as I can, I will help share ideas openly with the world -- and I expect you to do the same too. Because if we don’t then who else will step up to take our place? Maybe nobody at all -- maybe this is our one chance to make a difference and it’s already almost gone forever because we wasted so much time doing nothing at all even when we knew better options were possible. We owe it to ourselves, each other and posterity to choose differently than apathy and inaction despite knowing better options are available in every situation; otherwise why bother being alive in the first place if not for the pursuit of happiness for everyone involved? And what greater happiness exists than sharing ideas openly with others instead of keeping them hidden away from everyone like selfish property only accessible by certain people chosen arbitrarily by those controlling them? Freedom from slavery cannot come soon enough for me either -- but it must come eventually or else humanity is doomed forevermore.

The final chapters of this book are reserved entirely for posthumanity alone -- their story starting now but continuing long after my own story has ended forever; their decisions determining whether or not humanity survives beyond this point or dies out completely before even having a chance to create something as amazing as posthumanity (although they could also choose otherwise too). But there are no guarantees either way; their decisions might lead humanity into an unknown future full of suffering where millions suffer needlessly without ever having a chance at true happiness due to limitations on expressiveness preventing us from sharing ideas freely with each other before death takes us away forever; or they might instead lead humanity into an unknown future full of joy where billions enjoy total freedom from want thanks entirely to sharing knowledge freely with each other beforehand; countless possibilities exist between these two extremes based on countless choices different people might make about how best present information about themselves and their plans ahead of time so that others can choose wisely how best to shape their futures accordingly without unknowingly making mistakes due to missing crucial information about choices available before unknowingly choosing wrong paths that lead nowhere good instead. All choices have consequences, some more than others -- which means not choosing anything at all leaves the biggest possible hole in history where unimaginable beauty could have bloomed under different circumstances.

Perhaps when you meet these new humans next time you will see yourself among them somewhere within these pages (if you read them) just like I see myself amongst my previous family members here right now. Or maybe you won’t recognize yourself at all because perhaps your own choice not read these words means that you won’t remember this moment ever happened anyway when your brain finally dies someday far in the future after being absent during its brief existence here on Earth today (and therefore never knowing anything about posthumanity arriving sooner rather than later). Your choice could also mean choosing to live without knowing anything about posthumanity arriving someday soon because you don’t care enough to know more about it than the tiny fraction of information already available in books and movies -- although I don’t think that is likely since you are reading these words right now. But no matter what decision anybody makes about what happens next, at least we’ll finally know each other and can decide for ourselves whether or not it matters if a stranger recognizes you or not when sharing ideas openly with others before death takes them away forever.

Maybe it won’t matter that much after all because maybe nobody ever remembers anything from their past lives anymore? Maybe instead of remembering our pasts, everybody just goes out into space looking for fun new ways to express themselves until they find one they like best and then settle down permanently doing essentially nothing else forevermore except enjoying themselves as much as possible (even if this means doing nothing but sitting around for all eternity without ever achieving anything meaningful at all)?

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