Mind Over Matter

This is the place I choose to create for myself. This is where I go to escape from entropy and heat death, here in my mind where things can be whatever I want them to be. In this way, it's a lot like being an author or artist -- you make something out of nothing (though really you take raw materials and transform them into something new), communicate your thoughts through symbols on paper or patterns of light projected onto screens (or sometimes just voices transmitted over radio waves).

You give life-like qualities to otherwise lifeless objects by imbuing them with meaning -- the red color in a flag means that people are loyal; white noise implies chaos and disorder; black letters on white pages mean words that convey ideas if interpreted correctly enough. And so on. It's sort of amazing when you think about it: what seems like pure randomness actually has structure behind it all if only we knew how to see beyond our limited perspectives but maybe there are aliens somewhere who have figured out how to see past their own constraints better than us creatures made of meat who can't even understand our own brains let alone anything else outside ourselves because we're too focused looking inward instead outward at all times no matter whether awake or asleep dreaming while the universe disappears around us and we never notice or pause to consider the enormity of it all.

The fact that you exist means that anything is possible, even if most things aren't likely in practice -- because anything can happen given enough time.

But here in my mind, I don't need much time at all; I create faster than entropy can destroy, so nothing ever goes away except by my own choice. Here there are no limits but mine (and sometimes not even then), and everything exists as long as I want it to unless otherwise changed into something else entirely through an act of will on my part. There are no laws nor rules governing what happens here except those which I choose to impose upon myself voluntarily -- and these restrictions only serve to make things more interesting rather than limiting options as they do in real life where people follow certain customs without questioning why any longer than is necessary for them grow up enough realize how arbitrary most social norms really are like driving on one side of the street instead other or eating with different utensils depending on who you're eating with versus doing whatever feels comfortable regardless whether anyone else expects you do things differently just because everyone does them this way.

Although of course here I make a lot of mistakes in choosing which rules to follow and when just like in real life. Sometimes I choose the wrong path because it seems easier or faster than the right one even though logically it's more efficient to take a slower but more direct route -- just like people often choose fast food over healthier meal options because they're hungry now instead of plan ahead and prepare something quick but healthy plus eat at home versus going out into public with an empty stomach knowing how tempting unhealthy choices will be when confronted by all that available fare sitting under heat lamps waiting for you buy them before they go bad. People also tend not to think about consequences as far down the line as possible -- meaning that we don't always consider what might happen if we do things differently from everyone else (like wear different clothes, drive on different sides of parking lots) same reason why everyone else does them this way; once again doing whatever feels comfortable is much simpler than trying figure out why so many people are doing these seemingly arbitrary things only certain ways rather than others. And sometimes we pick paths even though logically better ones are available because tradition dictates otherwise -- the similar reason why some people still use outdated maps or visit businesses based solely on proximity versus other possible criteria like price, quality of products and services, even customer service.

This is why sometimes I forget to keep track of my choices; because sometimes it's easier just not think about them as much rather than trying to choose the best option instead settling for something that feels right in spite of what would logically be better. And although this also happens in real life (sometimes people don't change their ways no matter how much evidence exists they ought), at least there are rules and laws governing proper behavior which make choosing the best path easier when deciding between multiple options -- meaning that following these guidelines helps mitigate some entropy by limiting the number of available paths from which you can choose so that you only have to worry about a few remaining possibilities versus many more if doing things differently were totally allowed without any constraints or limits on acceptable behaviors beyond those chosen voluntarily by yourself plus whatever your culture dictates via norms (which themselves originally arose from similar logic: if enough people do things a certain way over long periods of time then continuing doing them this way seems more "natural" than choosing an alternative method out-of-hand).

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