Basic Men's Style Guide for Wearing a T-Shirt

This is probably a daily decision you make. You have a drawer full of T-shirts, but which one do you wear? Do you just grab any old T-shirt out of the drawer and put it on? It may be time to get more selective about how you dress.

Here's a guide to help choose.

First up, know your body shape and then match the style with that body shape

If you're an oval or rectangle shape, there are no restrictions here other than don't go for vertical stripes as it makes your legs look thicker than they really are.

If you're lucky enough to be in the V-shaped camp (pecs) go for something loose-fitting that doesn't hug anywhere else on the torso area. Also, vertical stripes will make your upper body appear wider or shorter depending on whether they run across or down your torso area respectively.

The pear-shaped man should avoid anything too tight around his middle area, as this only draws attention to it and can create unflattering angles where the fabric bunches up in places that shouldn't have fabric bunching at all! Think horizontal stripes down by the hips and off-the-shoulder tops if wearing short-sleeved ones.

Then there is the big guy who has trouble finding clothes that fit well because he's carrying excess weight around his middle section, read below… This is not easy when you carry extra weight around the midsection but bear with me here... firstly some styles won't work in general but there may be some items within certain brands/lines that will work for men who are heavier set…

A lot of clothing companies target men under 5'10" so often their T-shirts/tops will only fit men within this height range perfectly.. if you're over 5'10" you may find this is a problem with many clothing brands… so the first thing really is to check the manufacturers' height/weight guide before buying anything.

There are some designers that are more generous than others and will accommodate larger men but it's worth checking… I recommend ASOS – Good quality basic T-shirts in various colours and styles. From $20. Check their plus size range here. A good option for simple plain T-shirts in black or white in sizes up to 4XL (up to about 38" chest).

If you love vintage-inspired fashion then this brand should be on your shopping list because even though most of the styles are quite modern they do carry vintage-inspired pieces such as tees, jackets, dress shirts etc.

They even have an entire store dedicated just to their vintage Tee collection which includes American Football themed tops.. all these items will suit someone who carries weight around his middle area due to the fact they are looser fitting and not skin tight anywhere.

Tip 2: Consider what type of pants you should wear with a T-shirt

This is a question that gets asked all the time. In general, my advice is to avoid going out in public wearing just pants and a T-shirt. There are some exceptions to the rule though and here they are…. You may choose to wear jeans as casual daywear if your workplace allows it (or if you're off work sick or something) but still, choose jeans, not joggers because even though they look similar at first glance it's important to maintain boundaries… joggers = sport/casual daywear, jeans = smart casualwear. You should add a cardigan, blazer, or casual jacket.

Remember what we said earlier about looking smart? A pair of chino shorts will always serve as a good alternative when paired with a nice pair of summer leather loafers or suede Derbies. This way you can look smart while keeping cool at the same time…

In summary? Trousers should only be worn with a tee if they're required for some form of physical activity whether that be gardening/DIY etc. Or as casual daywear if your workplace allows it and never ever just for 'fun'.

Next up is style.

Tip 3: Consider what colour T-shirts to buy

The colour of your T-shirts depends on what season it is and what colours suit your skin tone best.

The following colours are considered classic so can be worn year-round:

White – White gives an aura of cleanliness which is why doctors often wear white coats but beware; white shirts need plenty of attention from washing machines so avoid wearing them too often or else they start looking like dishcloths.

Black – Black is always in style and will never go out of fashion, get a white tee too and you'll be able to wear them together or separate depending on how smart you want to look that day.

Grey – Grey is considered one of the most versatile colours when it comes to style because it works with just about anything else but beware; grey shirts need plenty of attention from washing machines so avoid wearing them too often or else they start looking like dishcloths.

Navy – If you're going for something more casual then navy blue tops are perfect, this colour works well with almost every other colour apart from black. It gives off a relaxed vibe and can be teamed with chinos when dressed down or even joggers if you want something sporty yet stylish at the same time.

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