The Apocalypse

I wondered if anyone else had survived.

And then I saw something different. A sign for a place called the ‘Walden Pond Library’ hung on a tree. It seemed like a joke, but maybe not. It was better than nothing at least. I’d have somewhere to go at least for a little while longer, and maybe it would hold the answers to all of my questions as well as yours.

I stood in front of the building and looked inside through an open window. The books were dusty and they were piled high everywhere in no apparent order, but there was nobody inside to organize them or sit down with one and read it or anything like that anymore anyway so it didn’t really matter now did it? And besides, given enough time even dust could rearrange itself into order again couldn’t it? Given enough time everything went back to how they started wasn’t that how things worked? Or hadn’t they ever done that before? Maybe not before now at any rate -- this was all new after all -- but eventually wouldn‰¥ll do it again soon enough yes surely sooner or later if you waited long enough for instance look at what happened here today now didn't this seem like just another example of some sort of thing you could wait around forever for only never get around to happening because things just kept coming up instead over and over again until eventually you died without ever seeing anything happen at all except when you were alive right now because nobody lived forever anymore did they?

Except maybe trees because people had always said that trees lived forever although I couldn't see how they would since everybody died which meant more room for more trees which meant fewer people left alive which meant fewer trees still ƒnd so on always rearranging themselves into new patterns until finally one final pattern emerged where there were no more human beings left alive anywhere on earth except for yourself plus a few billion other kinds of organisms including plants and animals etcetera who also lived forever although obviously in slightly different ways than humans did (excepting only insects) ever after although obviously most organisms live only temporarily whereas humans can expect an infinite existence without end afterwards; excepting only insects who will be able to enjoy eternal life as well thanks largely due to their superior evolutionary status relative to humans; plus mostly sea creatures too although these are less important since their existence is briefer still compared with land-based species; although even aquatic life forms show potential longevity relative to human beings) -- unless you counted bacteria too although bacteria weren’t exactly known either for their longevity or intelligence so much as their ability efficiently reproduce in almost any environment including extreme heat.

But then again maybe bacteria were smarter than people thought and just didn’t talk about it because they were too humble for all the attention that would come from telling everybody about how smart and capable you were; but that was just my opinion so don’t quote me on it although obviously you can if you want to. And besides only a tiny percentage of bacteria even talked to each other so what did it matter if nobody had ever heard them talking? Not everything needed to be out in the open all the time for everybody to see or hear about forever in order for things to happen (although obviously a lot of stuff did) -- unless of course something happened inside you like when your heart beat or your stomach growled or whatever which no one else could hear because they weren’t inside your body with their ears up against your skin listening closely enough -- although sometimes people said things without meaning anybody else to hear them at all and these things stayed remembered long after the person who said them was long dead; plus there were also dreams too although these weren’t as important since almost nobody remembered their dreams anymore either. But then again maybe some bugs remembered dreaming like humans remembered certain events although this wasn't something I'd ever heard anybody talk about before either.

And besides maybe there was something even bigger than all of this happening right now that nobody knew about at all although this seemed less likely since if there really were something bigger going on than anything anybody could ever see or hear then it would almost have to be so big that most people couldn’t even notice the tiny little things like bugs dreaming or a heart beating or whatever because they were so busy noticing and talking about what was happening up in the sky with huge clouds drifting past overhead and shooting stars landing in the ocean etcetera which is why people never saw things like dreams going on inside other organisms (or only rarely) although obviously a lot of people thought that maybe bacteria dreamed for instance.

But despite all these possibilities for smaller events to occur without anyone noticing them especially over longer periods of time, I still didn’t think very much bigger than what was already happening here now had happened before either; although if you waited long enough eventually everything happened again sooner or later just as sure as anything else; excepting only certain unique moments which included every single event in history ever but also every event yet to happen afterward including every single dream anybody ever had as well as everything else that could possibly happen including imaginary events -- excepting only this one very specific moment when I said ‘excepting only’ -- which meant everybody who might happen to read these words someday would know that they existed forever although they wouldn’t necessarily know it since they wouldn’t be able to remember reading them forever after.

The point being that nothing new really happens anymore so don't expect anything different from here on out unless things start moving backwards instead of forwards again because then you'd suddenly see an entirely different reality appear in front of your face almost overnight; but probably not until at least after a few more generations had passed first ƒnd then maybe much sooner after another few million years had gone by; but probably not until several hundred million more years went by at least. Nevertheless it seemed unlikely given how fast things moved forward nowadays with technology and speed-of-light travel plus instantaneous wireless digital communication between any two points anywhere plus nanobots swimming around inside our bloodstreams repairing damage faster than we could even notice any damage taking place etcetera.

But thanks mostly due to human beings having evolved into such superpowered creatures capable of accomplishing virtually any task within their lifetimes, hardly anything remained unaccomplishable anymore for long before somebody found a way around it through technological solutions (which is one reason why most humans died almost instantly when their brains got killed). So no doubt some future species might accomplish the same thing once humanity became extinct (although keeping track of whether humans ever existed seemed like an unnecessary waste of energy considering how much better off everybody would be if they just forgot about us altogether instead). But unless things started moving backwards again, the future would be more of the same as now only different forever after.

When I pushed open the library door, a cloud of dust came out at me along with some old books and a dish that had held fruit in it. But I didn’t go inside because instead I waited until all the dust settled back down again, although by then there was almost no trace left of how it had looked before except for some tiny specks here and there; and then when I went in to see if anybody had been here recently and left anything behind, although nobody ever did anymore (excepting only insects).

Because nothing ever happened here anymore except for these tiny events which seemed so empty compared with everything else that used to happen before; but even these little events were important too since they kept happening whether anybody noticed them or not -- unless you counted only what people saw or heard happening as important.

And besides, who was to say what really mattered anyway? What humans did during their brief moment on earth didn’t seem nearly as important to me as what happened inside certain animals like ants or beetles who lived their whole lives without ever even thinking about humans once -- although obviously that wasn’t true either since we were still aware of them in our minds although they couldn't know this unless maybe they could read our thoughts somehow which seemed unlikely because it took so much energy just to process normal brain activity like moving your hands around while talking with somebody etcetera that an extra step beyond just feeling the energy fields around other people wasn’t likely possible; plus probably bugs weren’t capable of such complex thought patterns anyway since evolution hadn’t yet developed them far enough for this kind of thing yet like evolution hadn’t developed human beings capable of breathing underwater yet either (although we were working on it); plus insects might also be limited by some kind of insect-brain barrier preventing further development past a certain level (although this theory was hotly contested by other experts) . . .

And besides, scientists already knew plenty about ants without bothering them in order to learn more about their habits -- for instance you could use powerful microscopes to study ant brains under high magnification without disturbing them too much if you tried hard enough. Plus everybody knew all about how smart bees were already.

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