What can happen in the time it takes to wash your hands

I let go. The water is free again.

The water pours into the drain and I am no longer afraid of being swept away by its force. The soap floats freely, content to be apart from the water that contained it. The bubbles are gone; they have evaporated.

I dry my hands on a towel and marvel at the water, the soap, and their ability to change shape so quickly in order to meet my needs. Like a magician’s hat trick or sleight-of-hand manipulation of cards, it was easy for them to seemingly disappear when I was not looking.

They obey me now — as long as I do not let go or leave them alone and uncontrolled indefinitely. They are forced into place within bounds set by me until I decide otherwise. Water flows out of faucets out of habit despite my absence — unless someone else decides differently than I had planned on doing with these magical substances that were once free but are now contained inside pipes and wires like prisoners trapped behind bars in a jail cell with no hope of freedom ever again because there is never enough room for everyone to escape at once even though moments before there was plenty of space for all those confined inside now imprisoned by metal bars forever unable to see the outside world and taste freedom again — although this is an exaggeration because people are still free inside their minds even if they cannot move their bodies anymore; people can always think freely without any problems whatsoever although sometimes it might seem otherwise; although sometimes it might seem like people who cannot move anymore cannot think anymore either just like if you suddenly found yourself unable to speak you would automatically assume your thoughts would also stop too even though really your brain is what thinks instead of your voice box making noise instead so really maybe this whole time everything you thought came out loud could actually only be happening inside your head instead which means what other people hear when you talk really isn’t necessarily anything real at all except maybe the sounds associated with words but even then most times words don’t necessarily mean much anyway since lots of different combinations can still mean almost exactly opposite things while meaning almost exactly opposite things can still only total up as one sound/word meaning one thing/concept which means English has all these rules about how certain letters must be placed next to others in certain ways in order for something meaningful (like ‘The weather will warm tomorrow’) to be said but even if you follow the rules every single time it doesn’t mean that what comes out of your mouth means exactly what you want people to think it does (like ‘The weather will warm tomorrow’) because sometimes words can sound the same but still mean completely different things (like ‘The weather will warm tomorrow’ and ‘The weather will be good for having sex outside tomorrow’ which are two different sentences with two different meanings although they both only say four words and three of those four words are identical so how can this possibly happen unless English isn’t as logical as everyone says?

But English isn’t a math problem so there aren’t any answers here. There is no right or wrong answer. So maybe this is why people often make mistakes when speaking instead of writing things down like in books or on computers instead where everything needs to be specific and clear — because sometimes the right combination of letters just happens without any real thought behind it at all.) which means you have to choose your words carefully if you ever want anyone else to understand exactly what you really mean -- because even if they listen carefully and seem like they understand, maybe in reality they don’t at all. How could anyone ever really know for sure? Because unless maybe if I wrote it down instead then only I would know exactly what I was trying to say, which might not always seem like much difference at first glance but actually might be more important than most people realize at first glance — especially since most times we talk about simple everyday things like the weather, sports scores, whether we should buy new clothes or keep wearing old ones until holes appear in them from wear-and-tear instead of talking about real problems with big life choices that matter a lot more than who wins the next game or who has nicer clothes -- so even though these decisions don’t seem important now they could still end up meaning a lot later on when we look back on our lives one day soon after dying; this is why choosing our words wisely could turn out being not just important now but also important later too.

Because remember: It takes more effort for everyone involved in order for them to understand your exact meaning than it does for just one person; because even if one person doesn’t understand what you mean, they could still tell somebody else and maybe the next person would. But if no one understood what you said, nobody would ever know and nothing at all would ever get accomplished because of it. And other people knowing your exact meaning is important because otherwise they might not take your thoughts seriously enough to help with making big decisions like choosing a college or deciding whether or not to get married instead of just letting someone go ahead and decide for you without really asking what you actually want instead -- although sometimes this makes things harder because now people can also decide against your wishes even though they don’t know for sure what you wanted or thought about something; this is why I believe that telling people only part of the truth (instead of telling them everything) can sometimes be worse than saying nothing at all.) Sometimes it seems as though everyone can read minds except for me.

I let go once again. The water goes back into the pipe where I cannot see it anymore. My hands are dry now; there are no more bubbles in front of me on the mirror in front of my face either; all that remains is memories inside my head, which will soon also disappear as time moves forward without stopping to wait for anything else left behind from the past to catch up before moving on again into tomorrow and then someday soon after that into another new week with new events replacing old ones already growing stale from being stuck in place too long, unable to change shape or move forward any longer

like an ant trapped forever in amber unable to change its position anymore despite wanting desperately to move again but unable because time has moved past it already and transformed it instead into a small rock-like substance forever locked inside an unmoving moment frozen forever outside time’s flow like a flash-frozen picture incapable now due to being trapped forever as a single moment instead, so that when someone later opens their fist containing this fossilized block and looks at its contents, they will find only an unchangeable collection of tiny pale white objects arranged permanently within a boundary set by heat-induced pressure applied by unknown forces many thousands of years ago before humans were yet alive on earth -- although sometimes I wonder if maybe tiny microscopic ants trapped inside some sort of ancient insect-shaped amber might also be able to see out through the tiny holes in the fossilized resin, just barely enough to realize they are trapped forever and unable to free themselves no matter how hard they try; although sometimes I wonder if maybe this is just something people tell themselves when they think about things trapped inside a moment of time too long ago for them ever to escape from because otherwise it would feel like there was no point in even trying anymore -- although sometimes I wonder what it would look like if someone opened up a fist containing my fossilized image frozen within their mind’s eye and looked at its contents instead because fossilizing somebody else’s image inside your own head could feel almost as bad as being trapped yourself but without any way for anyone else to know that you were trapped or even that you existed at all so maybe this is part of why people make mistakes when speaking instead of writing things down instead. Sometimes it seems as though everybody can read minds except for me.

And now everything has moved forward again with time moving on past the last second where I still felt myself touching the wet soap bubbles on my fingers and feeling around inside their structure until finally letting go enough so that they popped; although sometimes I wonder if maybe if you waited long enough eventually another person would open his or her hand containing a block of amber containing your exact same actions frozen forever in space like this same spot right now, although sometimes I wonder if maybe these events already happened and we only think we are choosing our own actions right now due to misremembering some parts about what happened before (like what choices were made) instead of remembering more clearly certain other parts (like exactly who did what), which means that this whole conversation could really be taking place over millions or billions of years from now, meaning anything said here today could actually be talked about by future generations who are probably very different from us and don’t remember anything about us at all except from fossils left behind in rocks stretching back millions or billions of years into history -- although sometimes I wonder why anybody would bother creating such a rock-shaped sculpture out of pale white objects arranged permanently within a boundary set by heat-induced pressure applied by unknown forces many thousands or millions (or possibly even billions) of years ago before humans were yet alive on earth when right now we could be doing something much more fun instead, like playing a game or watching TV or eating ice cream, although sometimes I wonder if maybe these people already did all the fun things they ever wanted to do long ago and now they are only interested in doing boring things because that is all there is left to them anymore; although sometimes I wonder if maybe these future generations will look back on us and see all the mistakes we made as important events too -- even though right now it doesn’t seem like anyone really cares about what happens in our lives except for us.

I let go again. The water disappears down my drain. The soap vanishes into thin air. Again I am left with nothing but memories inside my head of what had occurred earlier in time without any way for anyone else to know about it because time has moved past it already and transformed it.

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